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About Silken beauty sleep

The Silken Beauty Sleep brand is apart of The Growth Guru's Healthy Hair Collection and serves as a line of curated 100% PURE natural mulberry silk carefully crafted into luxurious pillowcases, turbans, scarves,  hair scrunchies, and more.  All products offered are made exclusively for SILKEN BEAUTY SLEEP. All products are also hypoallergenic and contain essential amino acids found in the natural fibers! These natural fibers found in our 100% pure mulberry silk help restore your hair and skin! SILKEN your sleep and enjoy the best beauty sleep ever!

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"THE Growth guru"  WHITNEY EADDY

With over 18 years of experience “ Natural Hair Care World” since her first very own "BIG CHOP" Whitney Eaddy is known worldwide and hailed as the "Growth Guru" a Celebrity Natural Hair Care & Growth Expert. She is the ultimate healthy natural hair care Expert and is known internationally for her "Growing Hands".


 Credited for her clients reaching great lengths of healthy natural hair, she has perfected the art of  the all-natural "Silk Press " on all-natural hair while maintaining the integrity of her clients natural curls. Whitney is widely known for being "booked to capacity" consistently and sometimes even years in advance. She has cared for thousands of clients while fostering & supporting their healthy natural hair care journey’s. Whitney possesses pure passion for healthy hair care and growth as she genuinely loves appreciates and values every texture of natural hair. 


As a dominant force in the natural hair care world, Whitney plans on taking the hair care industry by storm with her avant-garde hair philosophies and techniques for healthy natural hair care with her Trademarked Methodology “Her Growing Hands”. She knows that it's her PURPOSE to ultimately spread her knowledge expertise and experience with the masses. 


Whitney owns 2 Full-Service Luxurious Natural Hair Care & Growth Salons “Her Growing Hands”, a game-changing product line called Juices & Botanics —the ultimate hydration and growth solution for "Thirsty Hair"! 


Whitney will be releasing her first book in 2021, she's elated to be your Guide on this journey of GROWTH!

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