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  • Retains The Moisture of Your Hair + Skin

  • Nurtures Healthy Hair + Skin

  • Reduces Split-Ends

  • Smooths Your Hair 

  • Reduces Acne & Wrinkles

  • Nutrient-Rich

  • Organic & Environmentally Friendly 

  • Luxury Sleep Experience

cleansing and maintenance

  • Traditionally, silk is hand wash and dry clean only. Ours are of the highest quality so they are machine washable, but they are still silk and need as much care as we can give them.

  • Silken Sleep Accessories are made of the highest quality, therefore are machine-washable. It is recommended that you use PH neutral liquid detergent and/or fabric softener. Stay away from solutions that are too acidic or alkaline due to the possibility of the silk hardening after a single wash. Please do not use bleach products. 

  • It is also recommended that when washing, avoid hot temperature. The recommended temperature is 30 degrees centigrade or 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The safest method is to wash at cold or just one level above. 

  • Your Silken Sleep Accessories come with a wash bag, so please always wash your pillowcase or scarf in the bag. 

  • To maximize the longevity of your Silken Sleep Accessories, wash by hand. 

  • We recommend that you do not machine dry your Silken Sleep Accessories. In the event that you do machine dry your silk pillowcases, use the lowest temperature setting or the "Air" setting.  Remove them from the dryer after about 20 minutes and let them dry fully on their own.

  • Silken Sleep Accessories will take care of you, as long as it you care for it! 

Payment Methods
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