100% Pure Highest Grade Mulberry Silk on both sides for optimal beauty!
OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified.
Simple yet luxurious, our silk pillowcases help to promote sleep and are an ideal choice for skin and hair
beauty/health. The unique hidden zipper closure not only helps reduce friction between pillowcase and
skin, but also protects your pillowcase from dust and damage. Wonderfully soft and smooth, Silken
pillowcases will make you feel just like laying on cloud.
SILKEN’S Silk pillowcases are perfect way to enter the world of silk! Luxurious and effective in treating
common sleep-related hair/skin problems, our pillowcases are the ultimate, as well as the easiest way to
turn your everyday sleep into a rejuvenating journey of comfort.
Silken’s pillowcases are hypoallergenic and have been carefully curated. Our pillowcases are made of
organic 100% pure mulberry silk and are crafted by sophisticated tailors They are specifically designed to
keep your hair protected, moisturized and in place while you sleep. Specially treated with a friction-free
finish that allows your hair to easily glide over the pillow surface so that you awaken without any hair
breakage or affect on your hair/skin moisture balance. Silk also contains natural cellular albumen, which
helps promote metabolism of skin cells — thus helping to reduce aging. Soothes Hair and Skin. Enjoy
hassle-free anti-aging hair and skin care. Helps skin stay hydrated while you slumber and prevents
against the bedhead.
Your Silken luxury silk Item also includes a complimentary custom Silken mesh laundry bag! Keep your
delicates safe with the wash bags from Silken! The mesh material of these bags is sturdy and quick-
drying, perfect for protecting fine garments and small items of clothing during washing, rinsing or
Why is SILKEN Silk so different from Satin?
Firstly, satin is a man-made weave, NOT a fabric. Don’t confuse a satin pillowcase with silk pillowcase!
Secondly, a satin weave can be made from non-silk fabrics such as polyester and nylon.
That’s why satin pillowcases are much cheaper than 100% pure silk pillowcases!
Only 100% pure mulberry silk pillowcase pillowcases can bring the full health benefits of silk.
What kind of health benefits does silk have?
 Organic protein fiber
 Completely chemical-free
 18 amino acids, amazing for hair and skin nourishment
 Anti-aging because silk also contains natural cellular albumen, which helps promote metabolism
of skin cells — thus helping to reduce aging.
 Ideal for those who suffer with acne, eczema
 Naturally hypoallergenic and breathable, includes a natural resistance to dust mites, fungus and
mold, in addition to many other allergens
 Luxurious shine and appearance
 Soft and smooth to touch
 Durable and easy to care for

Silken Onyx Black Pillow Case

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